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Dams also provide 0% emissions energy, help US farmers feed the world thru exporting 60% of our corn, wheat, and soy via inland navigation system, and provide outdoor recreation benefits for hundreds of millions visits per year (370 million in Corps lakes alone).Environmental protection is certainly important, but providing such protection regardless of the concomitant and lasting damage to society is inexcusable. The film, which will be released in spring 2013, explores successful dam-removals, looks at dams that are subject of current removal fights and shines a light on others eyed for future dismantling. Rather than plugging rivers with multiple hydropower dams, or modifying current dams, a cheaper and less environmentally harmful solution is to transition away from dams and towards existing, lower impact, energy efficiency and production technologies. Uh oh! Something went wrong. By CourtesyPhoto DamNation Filmmakers Travis Rummel and Ben Knight, the latter also providing the movies narration, were enlisted, and the adventure began. We do not agree that hydroelectric power generation is a low-emission and renewable source of energy as more studies are showing that dams and their reservoirs are significant emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide, while also exacerbating the negative impacts of climate change. To Lee, the dam is an ugly reminder of one of Americas biggest mistakes. The dam has since been removed. 4bf8f11bb1


We found hundreds more caribou along the extensive floodplain and thickly forested riparian zone. Both admit that the scope and complexity of the issue makes this the biggest challenge theyve ever taken on. Just a year later, the salmon are spawning in the lower river. Theres been a total shift in thinking. The benefits from dams, including hydropower, urban water supply, irrigation, and flood protection have played a critical role in the development of the United Statesbut river ecosystems and Native American heritage suffered greatly. Beware that if you watch this film, your sentiment will be raised. I dont think they realize that theres a lifespan for these things. It is a one-sided view that will lead to untold suffering. Today, about two thirds of the original structure remainsbut the details of how it was breached in 1934 are surprisingly foggy.

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